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Some people believe that ASCR improves gaming speed, color accuracy, and brightness. On the other hand, some people say that ASCR can be an addiction and may have many other problems as well. So, is ASCR good for gaming or not?

Quick Answer- Yes, ASCR technology is good for gaming as it improves the color accuracy and brightness of the screen and gives you a lot of gaming options as well.

To completely understand whether or not ASCR is good for gaming, read this article till the end.

What is ASCR?

The ASUS Smart Contrast Rate (ASCR) allows displays to achieve dynamic contrast ratios up to 100,000,000:1. ASCR is ASUS’s version of Dynamic Contrast, most of the brands produce monitors with this feature, they just name it differently.

During video and gaming, especially, the brightness is adjusted according to the content, resulting in better dark levels and brighter colors.

Is ASCR Good For Gaming?

A gamer playing a game using a gamepad with a gaming keyboard and mouse in front of him
A gamer playing a game using a gamepad.

ASCR is good for gaming, but it also has some disadvantages. Let’s go over the advantages and disadvantages of ASCR technology so you can get a better understanding.


  • With ASCR, you can create custom game profiles that will improve your gaming experience even further. Note: this is only available in splendid mode.
  • ASCR lets you customise your gameplay according to your preferences.
  • It makes games look better. It especially improves the cinematics.
  • ASCR monitors are made with the emphasis on reducing input lag. This can provide a competitive advantage in fast paced multiplayer games.
  • ASCR monitors with 144Hz refresh rate are generally top notch for gamers.
  • Higher contrast, which is provided by this technology, can help gamers see easier what is going on in the game which will surely increase the reaction time.


  • ASCR is supposed to raise brightness in bright scenes and reduce brightness in dim scenes, however sometimes it does not work properly so it adjusts the contrast too fast which can result in an annoying experience.
  • ASCR may not be configurable for all games.

It is true that ASCR technology can take your gaming to the next level. Along with the benefits, you need to be aware of the drawbacks as well which we just mentioned.

1)   What does ASCR do on a monitor?

Using this technology, the display’s dynamic contrast ratio can be boosted to 100,000,000:1, which adjusts brightness based on the content. Since the image is presented with a higher level of darkness and more vibrant colors, it is more vibrant and sharper.

2)   Does ASCR cause lag?

No, ASCR technology doesn’t cause any lag in your system. In fact, it improves your gaming experience by providing you with amazing gaming options.

3)   How do I turn off ASCR?

The ASCR can be disabled on your computer by pressing the Menu key to open the OSD menu, scrolling down to the ASCR function, and selecting OFF.


Is ASCR good for gaming? The answer to this question is yes, it’s very good for gaming. It allows you to customise your gaming, create gaming profiles, and many other amazing things that provide you with an exceptional gaming experience.

However, the drawbacks of this ASCR technology should also be considered while deciding whether or not you should use it.

That’s all we have for you in this article. If you have any confusion, please let us know in the comment section. We’d be happy to help.

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