Does Last Hit Ratio (LHR) Affect Gaming?/ All You Need To Know

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Right of the bat, this is an article about Last Hit Ratio, a concept in gaming, most famously used in DOTA. This is not an article about Lite Hash Rate, which is also abbreviated as LHR and is NVIDIA’s way to make graphics cards cheaper for gamers as they can’t be used for crypto mining so this concept lowers the demand for such cards. If you are looking for the answer on whether Lite Hash Rate affects gaming, the answer is, no, it does not affect gaming. The graphics cards marked with LHR come with a built in software limiter which limits their performance only when mining, so if you play games with an LHR card it will perform at maximum speed.

As for the topic of this article, Last Hit Ratio, read on.

If you’ve been gaming for a while now, you must have come across the term LHR(Last Hit Ratio).  LHR measures how many times a player hits the kill button on an opponent during a game. But, does LHR affect gaming?

Quick Answer- Yes, LHR can positively and negatively impact your gaming experience.

In this article, we’re going to tell you how the last-hit ratio affects your gaming. Ensure you stay around with us till the end of this little post to learn everything in a good way.

What is LHR(Last Hit Ratio)?

An LHR is short for a “Last Hit Ratio.” It is a measure of how many times a player has struck out at an opponent in a match.

Players with a high level of LHR are adept at delivering the final blow to their opponents, while those with a low level of LHR must improve their timing and precision.

Does LHR Affect Gaming?

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Man those gamepads look awesome

Now we come to the most important question, whether or not LHR affects our gaming experience. It is true that LHR does affect your gaming in both negative and positive ways. Let’s take a look at all of its positive and negative effects on our games.

Positive Effects on Our Gaming

  • Gaming becomes more enjoyable with LHR because it enhances the gaming experience.
  • You can improve your sense of play through LHR.
  • Besides improving your aim and response time, you can gain a better understanding of the gameplay’s mechanics through LHR.

Negative Effects on Gaming

  • The LHR causes your game to stutter, which freezes the game and ruins your gaming experience.
  • This could cause your game to have an input leg, taking away your control over the character.
  • There can be frame rate issues, resulting in glitchy or slow gameplay.

So, these are the effects of LHR on your gaming. Keep them in your mind while using LHR.


How do I get better at the last hit?

Find an opponent in your lane who doesn’t have any simple attacks (e.g. Caitlin Nasus Q stacks) and use the exercise tool on your own to eliminate minions.
You don’t have to worry about having too few minions or managing the waves.

How important is the last hit?

One of the most important skills of an experienced and skilled player is being able to take the final blow.
When you kill an enemy minion or monster, you gain gold and experience, both of which are essential for buying items and levelling up, but you can also farm securely without pushing your lane.

Does LHR (Lite Hash Rate) affect gaming?

No it does not, LHR graphics cards were built specifically with gamers in mind. If you are interested in Last Hit Ration, then open this article.


Does LHR affect gaming? The answer to this question is yes. You can experience both negative and positive effects from LHR while gaming. We’ve told you about all of its negative and positive effects on your gaming experience.

We hope you’ve understood everything discussed in this article. Still, feel free to ask any questions related to the topic in the comment section. It would be our pleasure to assist you.

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