How do I Prevent my Glasses from Fogging?

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For the bespectacled people one of the most annoying things during the COVID-19 pandemic is the constant fogging of glasses due to wearing a mask. When one breathes out while wearing a mask the warm air goes out over the top of the mask where it causes condensation when in contact with the colder glasses.

Constant defogging of the glasses presents a serious risk of infection and is just annoying. No one enjoys being effectively blind for a while really.

Luckily there are some tricks to prevent the fogging of eyewear:

Close the gap between the top of the mask and your face

This is easy to do with surgical masks as they all have a plastic or a wire nose bridge. Just mould that bridge over your nose to create a tight fit. 

If you use cloth masks you can close the gap with medical tape which is specially designed to be used on skin. Or use a bandaid like shown in the tweet below: 

Wash your glasses with soap and water

Use soap and water to thoroughly wash your glasses and then dry them with microfibre cloth, the one you got with the glasses. When your glasses are truly clean fog cannot stick to them as condensed water relies on residue to stick onto.

Use shaving foam to create a non fogging surface

Coat your glasses with shaving foam and then wipe it off. The remaining residue will protect your glasses from fogging up.

Use special products that are made exactly for this purpose like anti-fog spray or anti-fog paste

There is an array of products created for this exact purpose. You can check these out on Amazon.

However although if done properly all these tricks will work, the best way to prevent your glasses from fogging is to get rid of your glasses altogether.

Our recommendation is to get contact lenses.

Contact lenses do not get fogged up when wearing a mask. Additionally once you put them in your eyes in the morning you do not need to readjust them again until evening. Once you get used to wearing contact lenses you will lose the tick which makes you constantly push your eyewear back to the top of your nose. Think how much this helps reduce the health risk! Do you have dark marks on your nose from where the glasses touch it? That is right, this will also gradually disappear. On top of all this now you can finally play sports without being partially blind. And frankly, vision is just that much clearer with lenses than it is with glasses.

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